Our Services

Civil Engineering

Site Construction Engineering

  • Site Survey
  • Structural Analysis
  • Soil Investigation
  • Reinforcement Solution
  • Site Acquisition Services

Acceptances Services

  • Site Acceptance Testing Services
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Services
  • Third Party Inspections

Site Implementation

  • Civil Works
  • Civil Infrastructure

Site Documentation

  • Site Plan
  • To Build Document
  • As Built Document
  • Material Consumption Report
  • At Documents
  • Site Handover Documents

Infrastructure Development

Road Engineering and Infrastructure

Road engineering has become a complex discipline, where road safety, environmental and socio economic issues are as important as technical design and construction supervision. F.H.M in co-operation with our clients, develop optimal solutions

Project cycle of the services offered by F.H.M in relation to road engineering comprise assistance through - out the whole project cycle:project and quality management, project preparation and planning, site investigations, design, project implementation including construction supervision and management, operation and maintenance and institutional strengthening.

F.H.M and it is expertise covering all project phases

  • Roads Scrape
  • Settle and Graders roads
  • Squatty Asphalt Layer
  • Road Pavements
  • Panting Roads and Installation of Cats Eyes.
  • Brick, Concrete Tiles, Paving and Interlocking

Electrical Engineering

Providing the electrical automation needs of our clients and working in diverse markets across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. F.H.M provides turnkey electrical engineering, construction, instrumentation, and control systems solutions to industrial and commercial clients.

Our electrical engineering services include the following:

Substation Control Building

  • MV Switchgear
  • Relay & Control
  • Power Circuit Breaker
  • Battery Bank Charger
  • Power Distribution Panel Board
  • LV/MV Cabling
  • Cable Tray & Loaders
  • Consulting & Supports
  • Termination & Ferruling
  • Fire Alarm System

Substation / Switch

  • MV/HV Power Transformer
  • HV Surge Arrester
  • Power Circuit Breaker
  • HV Load Break Disconnect
  • HV Post Insulators
  • MV/HV Bus Ducts
  • MV/HV Cabling
  • Erection of Supports
  • Grounding System

Cathodic Protection

  • Installation of Cathodic Protection
  • equipment for underground Process piping
  • Testing and commissioning of Cathodic
  • protection system carried by NACE certified
  • Cathodic Protection Specialist.
  • Design and materials of Cathodic protection
    system will be arranged through third

Mechanical Engineering

F.H.M providing has the capability for installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning. We have executed various projects which includes HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Building Automation, Industrial & Process Services, Plant & Machinery Installation, Refrigeration and Steam Generation.

Providing/installation of

  • AirConditioning & Ventilation and Building Management System
  • Plumbing and Drainage & Fire Fighting Systems
  • Electrical & Fire Alarm and Central Battery Systems


  • ELV Systems
  • Standby Power System (Diesel Generator, UPS etc.)
  • 11KV System including Transformer, MV Switchgear etc.
  • Structured Cabling

Information Technology

Our IT services

F.H.M is a national integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including the data center and lines of business. Built on products and services from the world’s top technology companies.



With the right people and the right partners, F.H.M is able to focus on solutions to help IT professionals cut costs, increase reliability, ease the burden of management, maximize flexibility, mitigate risk and improve service

F.H.M Data Center Service include:

  • Data Center Strategy Development
  • Data Center Facilities Design and Implementation
  • Data Center Facilities Assurance
  • Data Center Facilities Energy Consulting Services

F.H.M Security Services include:

  • Identity and access management
  • Data protection & privacy
  • Cyber infrastructure and security
  • Security Assurance
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Penetration testing
  • CCTV solutions & Management

Fiber Optics Service

Fiber Optics Engineering

  • Route Design
  • Field Drawings
  • Right of Way Acquisitions
  • Permitting
  • Cadding

Fiber Optic Construction

  • Underground Fiber Placement
  • Fiber Pulling
  • Restoration

Fiber Optic Splicing

  • Single Mode / Multi Mode
  • Ribbon
  • OPGW and ADSS
  • Ring Cuts and Butt Splices
  • Ring Insertions
  • Panel Terminations

Fiber Optic Testing

  • Bi-Directional OTDR Testing
  • Chromatic Dispersion Analysis,
  • CD measurement
  • Long-Haul PMD testing.
  • CWDM and DWDM testing.
  • Troubleshooting